Alexandra Roach

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Alexandra Roach

Executive Director for Veterans Education

Alexandra is the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Civilian Service Award, the Commander’s Award for Public Service, the Order of St. Joan D’Arc, and the Golden Rose Award. Her conspicuous efforts won her several other accolades, including a commendatory letter from Alaska State Representative Lora Reinbold.
A former journalist, she is now a board certified holistic health practitioner. Her decade long experience in military matters and her research-proven Integrated Holistic Intervention Program show that Alexandra’s formula is reliable in turning old restrictive thinking into new visions and sustainable life purpose. Drawing on this knowledge, she creates “roadmaps to health,” incorporating unique lifestyle, preferences, and personal & business goals.
She has been working with members of our Armed Services for over a decade and teaches seminars regarding personal empowerment, resiliency, and physical & mental well-being. She wishes to create a ripple effect of success within the entire military & veteran community.
Over the past years, Alexandra expanded her teachings and adapted them into book format. Her goal is to empower individuals by focusing on a strength-based approach, broadening their mindset. She is an indefatigable cheerleader for healthy living, positive outlook and self-directed wellness. Fonthill Media Inc., Oxford, England, recently asked Alexandra to expand the first edition of her book. The second version of ‘Healing the Military – Dealing with the Legacy of Conflict,’ now with twice the amount of material, will publish for Veteran’s Day 2016.
Alexandra has an intimate understanding of the importance of mind-body-spirit connection. She recognizes and preaches the importance of addressing a person’s concerns holistically.  Her teachings and lifestyle show that a person’s grounding in the Earth and bond with nature prove to be the keystone to wellness; nurturing humanity’s relationship with our ecosystem.  She does not miss the fact that nutrition, and more importantly sustainably cultivating one’s own food, is paramount. Alexandra’s drive to achieve knowledge is fueled by her passion to share this wealth with others.
As Executive Director for Veteran Education at Energime University, this is Alexandra’s foremost goal. She is dedicated to designing curriculum that provides ongoing tools to veterans who are eager to find a new mission in life after their years of dedicated service to our nation. It is time for us to return their favor and provide them with resources for a sustainable, healthy future.

Listen to a recent interview on veterans issues by Alexandra Roach


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