Tim Butts


Tim Butts

Director Integrated Farm Project Management


Tim is a former Net Zero Project Manager; where he became an expert in system optimization. He has optimized hundreds of energy systems, green building systems, and now he has developed the new integrated greenhouse crop farm delivery system. His energy accomplishments include over twenty professional certifications which earned him a position as a California “specialized workforce development trainer”. He is working with Native American Tribes and Veterans training them in the development of the most advanced “energy efficient” Green House produce production farm system that is available today.from the California Public Utilities Commission “Flex Your Power” Organization using advanced Energy Pro software for building modeling simulations and calculations.

Tim, amongst all of his other Energime University duties, is responsible for supervising the global implementation of Vertical Farm Project Management inventions that are created by Energime and their science team. He schedules and reviews the planned invention release dates and designs the product execution time frames for all of the global farm systems. This involves managing an international highly specialized management team that can travel the globe working in conjunction with Energime installation projects

Tim is a highly skilled project manager who dedicates his expert business knowledge to operate the technology deployment of all of Energime farming systems. For the last 20 years Tim Butts has lived on his ranch in Northern California and is a Graduate of National University with a BBA. For the last 15 years he has been a part-time Health Minister who has followed a physical workout program that is fueled by a vegan, organic, and 85% raw diet. He has been instrumental in healing for the critically ill who want to regain their health through organic and raw food regimens to rebuild their entire DNA cell structure. He uses medicinals for patient’s pain management which led him to develop his “SuperFood” Vertical Greenhouse to aid him in curing the planet one Greenhouse farm system at a time.

Timponic Produce Management Solutions, LTD. An International Greenhouse Company 2013

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