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..We have two major assets, humanity and the world, our environment. It is our job and our responsibility to get the best for, and from, both... Can we all of us together, water the fields of humanity, and bring about a harvest so great, that it will take the world to pick the fruit, a harvest that is civil society? I think we can.

– Professor Liz Greenwell, April 1994, from her lifelong work, and ongoing writings.

Energime University is a supporter of Global Cooperation Day, an annual event initiated by Liz Greenwell. Though our combined and supportive efforts we are developing Liz’s lifelong vision of “Watering the Fields of Humanity” by promoting efforts and collaborations which empowers civil society on a global scale.

Liz Greenwell briefly describes civil society as highly developed societies and cultures around the world where all people enjoy the benefits of a high standard of living, health, and quality of life. Those societies endeavor to be safe, compassionate, kind, caring, polite, courteous, and respectful. It is through this discipline that we encourage trust, honesty, tolerance, and understanding.

Humanity and the environment are linked. Civil society is enhanced if the environment is protected and conserved to a point where it provides a healthy, therapeutic and pleasing place in which the world’s people, other life forms, and plant life co-exist.  We can then have the perfect balance.” 

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    Adam Greenwell

    Adam Greenwell

    Adam is a tenacious and tireless networker who spends his hours bringing together groups and individuals from around the globe in the cause of protecting our environment and fostering commitments to human rights and educational empowerment. His efforts have greatly expanded the reach and visibility of Energime University throughout the world while simultaneously furthering the mission of Liz Greenwell and her humanitarian outreach. Adam has been one of the key forces behind “Global Cooperation Day” and several other U.N. supported efforts developed to build a global consensus in addressing the critical issues we face as a inter-connected population.  Continue reading…

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