Aquaculture Systems

Working with local
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Aquaculture Development Team and Partnership

Energime University brings to each of our projects a commitment of engaging and supporting global communities and community stakeholders in programs that empower sustainable economic development and green job development. Our “For profit” partnerships support a charitable mission focused on education, training, and the general empowerment of efforts relating to resource management, environmental stewardship, carbon footprint reduction, climate change resilience preparation, food security, community health, and biodiversity protection through the lens of building sustainable regional economies. The Energime “Family” has ties to scores of educators, scientists, technology developers, and experienced and renown experts in their areas of sustainability from around the world who support our mission.

The Energime University Team

President & Founder

William Sosinsky

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Socolof

VP Regional Development

Linda Ripa

Green Consultant / Developer

Harold Hamilton

Director Of Agriculture

PhD Joseph Weinstock

Director Algal Sciences

PhD. Joseph Ravet

Project Algae Consultant

PhD Rose Anne Catalico

Project Greenhouse/ Indoor Agriculture Consultant

Shumin (Peter) Wang

Architect and Site Developer

Jason Kliwinski

Construction Manager

Robert McQueen

Agricultural Waste Management and Food Production

PhD Paul Oliver

Director Insect Science and Production

PhD Geoffrey Cuckro

Director Insect Science and Production

PhD Geoffrey Cuckro

Sales Manager

David Weaver

VP Market Development

Tom Terrio

Governmental Consultant

Michelle Curry

Political Strategist

Bill Bishop

Director Of Education

John Henry

Director Education Curriculum

Jaime Cloud

VP Software Development

Peter LeGrand

VP Video Content

Jonathan Boehr

VP Digital Strategy

Bob Schloss

Educational Software Manager

Iftekhar Riyad

Director Website Design

Leticia Suarez

The APJ Team

(Contracted Aquaculture Development Partners)

Growing fish and vegetables require an experienced team to compete successfully in the open marketplace. APJ has assembled a management team that has worldwide recognition as being experts in their fields and is a team that has already produced fish at large scale over sustained multi-year periods. APJ has strengths in all aspects for a successful business launch with experienced individuals, e.g., marketing, genetics, engineering, fish health, hydroponics and aquaponics, etc. Most importantly, we know how to grow fish (extensively) and vegetables and have a strong record of success in bringing these products to market.

Michael B. Timmons, PhD

President & CEO

Michael Timmons is the world’s leading authority on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. He is a tenured professor from Cornell University and author of “Recirculating Aquaculture”, the authoritative book on fish farming used by every major University aquaculture program in the world and is available in over 20 languages in 160 countries. His company (Atlantic Pacific Jade) is our project partner and operates out of Coral Beach Florida where they have a large facility on 15 acres.

VP Finance & General Counsel

Michael J. Finnegan, Esq,

Executive Manager

Stephanie Chun (Cornell)

Aquaponics and Hydroponics Manager

Dylan Kovach (Cornell)

VP Strategic Relations

Steve Abernathy

Business to Consumer

Manager Hank Stewart

Digital Smart Controls Manager

Erik Kopache (Cornell)

VP Digital Marketing

Rosa Aguirre Barron (Cornell)

Sales and Consulting Manager

Paul Begue

Drone and Robotics Manager

Walter Morawa (Cornell)

HR Director

Thomas Maloney (Cornell)

Fish Operations Manager

Andrew Dixon

Web and Product Manager

Yejeong Clare Choi (Cornell) 

Directors and Technical Advisory Boards

Michael B. Timmons (Chair)

Founder of APJ, Cornell Professor

Shumin (Peter) Wang

Business entrepreneur and founder of aOne Aquaculture

Neil S. Mattson, PhD

Horticulture, CEA, and hydroponics (Cornell University)

Tawnya Sawyer

President of Colorado Aquaponics

Bill Sosinsky

President & Founder of Energime University

Curt A. Gooch

Sustainability (Cornell University)

Gary Ledford

Business Developer, entrepreneur, water purveyor

John R. Callister, PhD

Financial analyst (Cornell University)

Ed Heslop

Serial entrepreneur, founder of Fingerlakes Fish Inc

Board of Technical Advisors

Joe Regenstein

Kosher and Halal specialist

Rhett Weiss, Esq. ​

Business startups; Google negotiator for site acquisitions​

Robert Abend

Retired executive of Yanmar (large Japanese manufacturer)

Linda ODierno

Seafood marketing specialist

James Morris, PhD

PE Environmental waste management and water quality control

Barnaby Watten, PhD

MCR inventor

Gary Chapman

President of North American Tilapia Inc

Peter Wright

Waste management & environmental systems

Minglin Ma, PhD

Cornell Bio-Technology (mover and shaker)

Erick Roderick

CEO and Business Manager of FishGen

James Bisogni, PhD

Environmental Water Chemistry (Cornell University)

Raul Piedrahita, PhD

Retired former Chair of Bio-Systems Engineering UC Davis

Kevin Fitzsimmons

Professor of University of Arizona (tilapia & aquaponics)

Ulli Kronert, PhD

CEO of Aquacultur Fischtech (German equipment company)

Paul Aho, PhD

Animal Industries Economist

Technical Associates

(contract employees)

Larmarcus Hornbuckle

Citrus farmer and Real estate developer

Erick Roderick

CEO and Business Manager of FishGen

Steve Hall, PhD

Robotic implementation strategies for digital agriculture

Gef Flimlin

Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University

James Morris, PhD

PE Environmental waste management and water quality control

Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Ph.D.

FAAAS, Henry L. & Grace Doherty Professor

Rhett Weiss, Esq.

Business startups; Google negotiator for site acquisitions

Peter Wright

Waste management & environmental systems

John Holder

JLH Consulting (international RAS design services)

James Bisogni, PhD

Environmental Water Chemistry

Strategic Relationships


Ricardo Ekmay, PhD.
Vice President – Nutrition & Product Development

Fingerlakes Fish Inc.

Source for natural grown Coho salmon (Mr. Ed Heslop is contact; Timmons is Technical Expert for this company)

Dr. Craig Browdy

Director of Research at Zeigler Feeds (located in Vero Beach, FL; will develop proprietary feed formulation)


Peter Sherlock, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Fundacion Chile

Source for natural grown Atlantic salmon (Dr. Martin Hevia, personal good friend)

Harbor Branch Oceanic Institute (HBOI)

Commercial strains of saltwater pompano and redfish (Dr. Paul Wills is contact; Timmons is doing 6 month academic leave from January 1, 2020 at HBOI)

One Aquaculture Farm

Shumin Peter Wang
Major aquaponic system provider

Marshallberg Farms

Source for naturally grown sturgeon and caviar (Dr. Eugene Won, Cornell is our contact; Timmons and Won doing joint research on aquaponics and fish feeds)

Cornell University-Center for Technology Licensing

Dr. Alice Li (Director; Timmons has worked with Dr. Li on multiple projects); Mr. Aris Despo, Sr. L&BDO and CTL


Mr. Dan XU (President; 33,000m2 hydroponic operation in Beijing China)

Zeigler Feeds

Source of proprietary feed formulations (Dr. Tom Zeigler is founder and PhD from Cornell; personal friend and mentor to Timmons)

Intellectual Property & Strategic Assets


  • Mixed Cell Raceway for plant deep water culture systems (Timmons and Finnegan in process)

  • SplashTM Monitoring System (Cornell Patents and Licensing in process)

  • Mixed Cell Raceway water quality control (Timmons in process)

  • Variable sleeve and directional output device for low head high volume TurtleTM pump (Timmons)

  • Aquaponic and vermiculture integrated system (Peter Wang and Timmons in process)


  • Cornell license for LASI, lighting control for plant production in a greenhouse system algorithm (being negotiated 8-29-20)

  • Cornell license for LASI-CO2, lighting control algorithms for plant production in a greenhouse system using supplemental CO2; (being negotiated 8-29-20)

  • Cornell license for real-time control of fish behavior and water (Inventors M.B. Timmons and two Cornell senior students, Meredith Lord, Dan Pyrek); trademark name is SplashTM; (being negotiated 8-29-20)

  • Ledford & Associates for TurtleTM pump, a high-flow and low-head Turtle pump; (being negotiated 8-29-20; patent issued November 25, 2020)

Partnering Universities, Colleges, Organizations, and Corporations