Dr. Andrejs Zagars

Sound Barrier

Dr. Andrejs Zagars

Director Waste Composites and Biomass Recycling

Dr. Zagars has pioneered many patented processes combining waste plastics and rubber with available biomass to create a host of innovative new products. Andrejs is patent-holder on innovative ozone systems for recycling tires into activated rubber and has fifteen years’ experience developing chemical formulas in composites manufacturing. He is a specialist in setting-up composite biomass manufacturing for over 100 types of biomass/wood/ Plastic/rubber composites, and for every type of use and performance.  These applications range from engine gaskets to acoustic sound walls. As President of the Latvian Tire Recycling Association for the EU and professor of chemistry, he specializes in organic and bio-organic chemistry, and synthetic and analytic practice. This includes running a composite plastics manufacturing line in Lithuania making composite rail road ties, solar panels, solar panel packaging and brand new interlocking 50 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm honeycomb blocks for the Latvian Rail Road 1 km acoustic sound wall. He has also developed and incorporated the next generation of materials for railways and highways employing both industrial design and innovative material science. Andrejs has incorporated new materials with Helmholtz resonators built into an innovative hollow block and panel tri-layer composite sound wall.

Dr Andrejs is in a joint venture with the top inverter company of China. He is currently building a new generation of modular 500 kW vanadium battery packs to store and transport large amounts of power in moveable systems that can easily plug-in and run buses and trains, and plug into the grid at convenient points to collect power from large wind farms and solar plants during off-peak hours.

Dr Zagars attended Technical University of Latvia: With 5 years in composite chemistry and technologies surrounding wood-plastic and rubber-plastic-natural fiber compounds; And; with 5 years running composite manufacturing operations. Dr Zagars is a material science specialist for developing new rubber plastic, wood-rubber-plastic, and new polymer materials and techniques for recycling; With extensive experience in both the chemistry and the machinery of the plastics industry, including: plastic extruders, injection molding, thermoforming, and compounding systems. And; with over 10 years working with German, Chinese and advanced equipment manufacturers in plastics and plastic technologies for composite production processing, equipment and recipes. Dr Zagars strengths lie in making new composite recipes, glues, and polymers, and configuring equipment for factory production & thermoforming/injection molding of composite materials.

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