Chris Dyson-Coope


Chris Dyson-Coope

Director Children’s Sustainable Education


Chris is a horticultural inventor, internet radio show co- host, landscape professional, and educational innovator. His passion for empowering children with life changing education and mentorship has led him to his current mission. Chris’s commitment is to nurture the minds of our children with the critical knowledge that will prepare them to confidently face the challenges we will confront in the coming century.

His online “radio” show co-hosted by Ann Miller focuses on innovations and trends which will directly affect our quality of life in the years ahead with an emphasis on agriculture. Their interviews with experts are aimed at how we the consumer may in our own small way make a contribution to the ‘Growing Needs’ of our planet. Subjects cover how we can reduce our water usage, grow more of our own food, conserve some of the dwindling resources and perhaps help those in need around the world. Chris and Ann call upon experts in solar, water, food production, transportation and environmental management  to help us understand the changes affecting us daily. It is this focus that Chis will bring to young minds in his role as a children’s educator.

Chris is a transplanted Brit, with a lifetime of Professional Horticulture. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, multi-award winning Designer, Construction Manager, and Project Planner & Consultant. Chis has a deep knowledge & experience of  Design, Design & Build, Construction management, Consultancy of Residential & Commercial projects, Exhibition projects, Offices, Parks, Business Parks, Schools, Playgrounds, Green Roofs, Irrigation & Drainage.

Chris has over 35 years of experience in Landscape Design & Construction Management. He has received 19 National Awards for projects, ranging from City Parks, Streetscapes, Urban Regeneration, Schools, Playgrounds, Golf Courses, Office Developments, Business parks, Power Stations, London Docklands Development, Commercial Roof Gardens, Private Estates, and Power Stations.  He pioneered designer drives in the early 1980’s, using concrete block, and brick and granite setts. This approach utilized planted ‘Permacrib’​ to create structural green walls in the mid-1980’s and award-winning ‘green roofs’ in London.

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