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Shivanand “Shiva” Utlasar, M.D., M.S.M.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Shivanand “Shiva” Utlasar, M.D., M.S.M.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Shivand Ultasar is a visionary in the use of natural remedies or “Ayurvedic Medicine” in the treatment of many common diseases. He was appointed to the position of Medical Director for East/ West Institute in Karnataka India focusing on developing and treating clients with herbal medicine. Dr. Shivand is leading the effort to certify and distribute various herbal alternatives for the treatment of Diabetes, Malaria, Dengue and many viruses. In addition, Dr. Ultasar actively teaches physicians and health care professionals how to treat and apply various herbal medicines.

EXPERIENCE: Family Medicine Specialist in the state of Karnataka, India; provided general care including wellness checkups, birthing, medicine prescription, and a wide range of other services ranging from pediatric to geriatric care. Educator; worked as an adjunct professor holding classes in medicine, physiology and anatomy at Bijapur Medical College in Karnataka, India. Leadership Teacher; taught leadership and lifestyle improvement classes to improve student self-management, emotional intelligence, and general wellness as a guest speaker in medical schools and businesses around Karnataka, India.

RELEVANT WORK HISTORY: Provided consultation services to hospitals, schools and Non-profit organizations in India.

Founder and CEO, Shiva Utlasar Resources LLC, Karnataka, India.                         2010 −Present

Dedicated to bringing prosperity and wellness through knowledge. Graduated approximately 150 students from a “Pathways to the US” educational exchange project, which seeks to expedite and facilitate international recruiting of Asian Indian students to US colleges. Our initial focus is on preparing high school graduates in India to study at US colleges by preparing them for competitive applicant exams through rigorous English language and mathematics study.

Co-Founder and CEO, Sophia Nursing School,Tumkur City, India.                              2005-Present

Dedicated to serve the community by training health professionals. Led development of infrastructure and obtained national and state licenses to open a nursing school. I was responsible for leading teacher training, as well as syllabus development, and construction of anatomy and physiology labs at the school. Developed a clinical study program for nursing students that provided placement for internships in Tumkur and jobs in government hospitals around Karnataka State in India. Graduation rate of roughly 50 licensed nurses per year from two and three year programs.

Chairman , Dr. Shivanand Bharathi Educational Trust.                                                                2002-Present

Don’t accumulate assets; make your children assets of the nation by educating them. [Translated from Kannada].Funds a private school that runs from kindergarten to seventh grade that provides high-quality learning experiences and teaches the state curriculum. Expanding operations through to twelfth grade in the near future. We have successfully graduated high-achieving students who move on to compete and cooperate in nearby high schools. Plans to open post-secondary school in 2015-16 that will provide BS and BA degrees in business in Karnataka, India.

Consultant, Facilitator, and Recruiter, Nationwide across India.                              1995 −Present

Facilitating admission processes for students seeking higher education. Recruited students from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, and a number of African countries for admissions to professional colleges in India, to study under a wide portfolio of undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

General Practitioner, Bijapur Medical Center, Karnataka India.                                                  1987-1996

Owned my own practice with ten part-time doctors, nurses, and on-call specialists. Served thirty thousand visitors per year with needs ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. Provided out-patient services in the morning and in-patient services in the evening. Also made emergency house-calls for a variety of needs.

President of Board, Utlasar Family Housing Board, Bijapur, Karnataka, India.                      1995 – Present

Using lands bought from the government, we build affordable houses for low-income families and sell them. I also advise on social service development providing shelter and food for the homeless in Karnataka, India.

President and Fundraiser, Chalukya Sports Academy, Badami, India.                                   2008 – Present

Prepares rural athletes aged 15-25 for nationally and internationally competition in track and field. I guide the Academy in meeting government requirements, fundraising, recruitment, as well as supervision of housing and boarding provisions for our athletes and outreach to government sponsors. So far we have trained many successful state-level athletes, and we are planning to represent the state of Karnataka in national games. Currently we are seeking to bring a US NBA team to play in India.

Adjunct Professor, Faculty for Anatomy, Bijuapur Medical College, Karnataka, India.            1986 – 1996

Taught four classes in Anatomy and Physiology during both fall and spring semesters for first year students. These included labs and dissection courses. Taught using the state curriculum, which encompasses theory and practical classes, and prepared students for state-mandated exam batteries.


Member, National Indian Medical Council.                                                                1986 – Present

Required for medical licensure.

Member, Karnataka State Medical Council.                                                                1986 – Present

Required for medical licensure.

Board Member, Chandana Education Trust, Bangalore, India.                                       2004 – Present

Served the board as a fundraiser, consultant, and provided training in resource management, state and national accreditation procedures. Also provided teacher training.

Board of Member, BalBalaga Primary and Secondary School, Hubli, India.              2004 – Present

Served the board as a fundraiser, consultant, and provided training in resource management, state and national accreditation procedures. Also provided training for teachers.

President, Shiva Utlasar Resources LLC, Karnataka India.                                         2010 – Present

Principal investor and business plan developer. Promoter for spa and healthcare facility.


MBA in Hospital Service Administration: SUNY Oswego, NY.            (expected graduation May 2014)

MSM in Business Management: Keuka College, NY.                                                              2013

A national leader in experiential, hands-on learning.

MD: Karnataka Medical College, Hubli, Karnataka, India.                                                     1986

An academic medical college recognized by the IMC (National India Medical Council) and the World Health Organization. Graduated with high academic honors.


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