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Eckhart Beatty

Eckhart Beatty found a belt sander to borrow from Stephanie Ciancio using Peerby, an app that connects users to borrow and lend items in their community in San Francisco, Calif., Monday, August 31, 2015. Jason Henry for The New York Times

Eckhart Beatty

Advanced Energy Design


Eckhart is a business writer / marketing strategist focusing on sustainable energy, as well as business innovation. Examples of his focus include the following:

  • solar-based vehicle charging
  • energy efficiency and design industries
  • solar thermal innovations in the field
  • design innovation strategy in the public realm


In recent years, he has consulted to pioneers of such novel designs as solar charging solutions for electric vehicles in places without accessible grid solutions. Since its technology is by its nature grid-independent, each installation stands to promote the likely advancement of the “smart grid.” Based on those efforts, Envision won the Eric Schmidt Foundation’s 11th Hour Project in 2014.

Leading the way with a focus on concentrated solar as well, he has been driving strategy for Sollector Systems since 2012. Currently, we are positioning strategic partnerships with incubators, architects, and designers such as international Reinhold Ziegler of Synergii/Energime.

In the domain of energy efficiency, he has conducted market research and strategy for firms like Indow Windows, 2nd place holder in the Cleantech Open. Their products employs a radically simplified design paradigm.

As a seasoned editor in the social innovation space, he has consulted to Darian R. Heyman on the manuscript of Nonprofit Management 101, the acclaimed title by John Wiley & Sons.

Eckhart’s experience is grounded in diverse industries, e.g., publishing, high technology, biotech, and health care.

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