Jay Dubinsky

Jay Dubinsky

Director of Integrated Technologies Project Management


Over the last thirty years Jay Dubinsky has been a pioneer in some of the most exciting and innovative science and research work relating to sustainable development. His experience has provided him with hands-on knowledge in the fields of waste management, high density food growth, renewable energy, composite recycling, algae production for fuel, food, and industrial uses, advanced medicine, industrial processing, systems design, and business management. This wealth of knowledge and practical experience makes him a valuable contributor to Energime University as a visionary project designer, implementation manager, and educator.

Jay’s experience is impressive. An inventor of new ultrasonic fuel manufacturing and processing, and material science in green building systems:·A designer of algae- to- oil technology and co-founder of www.originoil.com in 2007 (AMEX: OOILD), a top 50 biotech company of 2010 according to Forbes and Wall Street Journal; And; a specialist in the hybridization of industrial processes, inventor of industrial hybrid processes for recycling systems and waste-to-energy as well as waste management, composite plastics/biopolymer manufacture, and new synthesis of materials using a new brand new material structural matrix and manufacturing systems to bind nonphilic biomass with philic recycled melted plastics. Founder and developer of the composite systems, housing designs and new uses of composites, and developer of other new waste to energy and waste recycling technologies.

Work History:


Assisted in the development and strategic positioning of a startup renewable energy company.

  • Director of Marketing and Strategy · Identified investment vehicles for the development of a worldwide Algae Farming System, including negotiations related to major renewable energy programs such as the production of biodiesel plants, the acquisition and distribution of bio-mass feedstock, and the development of wind farm, solar farm, and ethanol distribution facilities.
  • Aligned biodiesel production with algae farming in a Joint Venture Agreement to process algae oil into biodiesel fuel directly on-site. Profit margins expected to grow by over 200%.
  • Analyzed numerous markets in food, pharmaceuticals, cattle feed, and fish ponds to produce secondary revenue stream from the sale of remaining algae pellet byproduct of the algae farming system.
  • Worked directly with the Managing Director to package a turnkey Algae Farming and Biodiesel franchise estimated at $50M for a 2,000 acre facility. Developed spoke and hub corporate structure to expand GREC by offering 50/50 joint ventures to major investors on future renewable energy projects.
  • Targeted multiple potential franchise positions, including sites in Brazil, Micronesia, and Mexico.
  • Cultivated a relationship with C Trade and the Berkeley Institute of the Environment at UC Berkeley to develop a carbon credit program to verify and accredit our CO2 offset per 10 acre algae pond.
  • Managed overseas group of consultants reviewing technical maturity of emerging technologies in China. Corresponded frequently with additional consultants from Hawaii, Portugal, Spain, England, Italy, and Latvia on various project developments including a 60MW Wind Farm in Italy through a Joint Venture with the Tilli Group— an Italian industrial company based in Caserta, Italy.
  • Managed public relations between GREC and its investors.
  • Consulted with various manufacturers to support the development of renewable energy projects.
  • Coordinated with investment banking firms and market makers on the strategy and cost benefit analysis behind taking GREC public. Evaluated a reverse merger versus an independent IPO.
  • Investigated waste-to-energy leasing program as a solution for overflowing landfills throughout the US.
  • Established a recent Joint Venture Agreement between GREC and Renewable BioProducts, Ltd (RBP). Reviewed a plant site and build-out for a tire pyrolysis waste-to-energy system and waste-to-plastic composites program in Louisiana, U.S. in a joint venture between RBP & GREC. Business Analyst
  • Prepared Balance Sheets, Cash Flows, and Financial Projections for several renewable energy programs.
  • Raised over $250k in operating capital from over 20 private investors during startup phase of company.
  • Analyzed numerous Green technology development incentives in various nations including recently developed Carbon Credit Recycling platforms and Green and White Bonds (certificates and tax breaks issued on behalf of regional municipalities for the reduction or absorption of harmful emissions).
  • Met with Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Private Equity Funds to procure additional funding.
  • Assisted in financial planning for the acquisition of a Co-Generation & Aircraft Distribution Center in Southern California.
  • Contributed to a projected draw down schedule for an applied loan of $300M.


Established a Joint Venture between GREC and Renewable BioProducts (RBP), a specialized plastic composites company. Employed GREC’s services to acquire a $12M loan in exchange for a 25% equity stake.

Director of Sales

  • Promoted composite pallets and construction materials to potential buyers. Presold orders of plastic shipping pallets and leveraged the invoices to raise capital for the build-out of a manufacturing plant.
  • Expanded RBP operations into the United States with a potential manufacturing site in Louisiana.
  • Performed due diligence as liaison between potential investors and RBP for U.S. based plant expansion.
  • Reviewed cogeneration technology to be supplemented with pyrolysis waste-to-energy programs.
  • Analyzed market demand for further potential composite concepts.


Worked in an Engineer and Manager capacity in various roles and programs under Northrop’s distinguished elite R&D group, Advanced Vehicle Management Systems and Flight Controls Development.

Autonomous Aerial Refueling (AAR) Program

  • Deputy Program Manager: Evaluated program requirements to generate and manage a Capital Asset Budget exceeding $2M over two fiscal years. Performed cost and schedule planning and status updates. Adhered to strict deadlines necessary to perform multiple scheduled flight tests and employ autonomous technology in coordination with Calspan in Buffalo, NY. Issued subcontract orders, including invoices.
  • Procurement Manager: Re-Engineered the procurement process with the creation of a new standard of documentation and tracking for multiple orders placed through numerous suppliers. Drastically reduced labor costs and the time resolution required in upper management approval queues. Served as technical liaison between internal engineering, legal, and financial accounting and auditing departments. Coordinated supplier efforts including trade studies, requests for quotations, technical support, repairs, and delivery schedules. Conducted lab operations with inventory management and accounting.
  • Systems Architect: Developed hardware requirements according to customer specifications. Led team of engineers to design a vision processing system and generate physical and functional diagrams to perform lab testing. Presented deliverables to government customer.

AP 1222 (IR&D) Program

  • Responsible Engineer: Authored the Supplier Procurement Specification and Statement of Work documents for a Remote Input/Output Unit on a proprietary air vehicle. Contributed to the Air Vehicle Specification document. Pooled data from multiple sets of customer requirements in DOORS to model system architecture in CORE for over 15 vehicle subsystems expected to communicate with the Vehicle Management System. Participated in product definition meetings to address new customer requirements and improve data management for the team.

Sense and Avoid Flight Test (SAAFT) Program

  • Flight Test Engineer: Operated proprietary software during numerous missions aboard an augmented Calspan Learjet. Developed scripts to facilitate the collection, post processing, and analysis of massive amounts of data from multiple sensor types including but not limited to TCAS, TSPI, VMC, ADSB, EO and LWIR high resolution camera imaging. Presented deliverables to government customer.

Integrated Adaptive Guidance and Control (IAG&C) Program

  • Controls Engineer: Performed model and simulation analysis on a hybrid 2-stage launch vehicle intended for both air and space travel. Integrated multiple test case scenarios to enhance robust control of the vehicle.

Autonomous Terminal Air Operations (ATAO) Program

  • I. Engineer: Designed navigation waypoints and “keep-out” zones to assist autonomous vehicles with taxiing through commercial airports. Introduced idea to incorporate Google Earth and COM interfacing on the first phase of development. Developed simulations to review numerous proximity sensor types including Radar, Lidar, and Stereo Vision.

Clearances and Merits Achieved

  • S. Department of Defense Security Clearance: Secret with Special Access
  • Federal Aviation Administration Class III Certificate – Flight Test Engineer
  • Contributed to Six Sigma Initiatives.
  • Nominated for Employee of the Month and Presidential Award—both honors typically reserved for employees of 5 years or more with the company who have consistently outperformed their peers.




Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

  • Dean’s Honors : Winter 2004.
  • Member of Alpha Tau Omega: 2002-2006, Life Loyal Tau: 2006 – Present. Personal Energy/Climate Innovation and Policy. Conversant in Spanish. Avid traveler. Enjoy attending UCSB and Alpha Tau Omega alumni activities.


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