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Norma Burnson


Norma Burnson

Executive Director of Fundraising


In 2013, Mrs. Burnson received the Delegate Award from The International Women’s Leadership Association in recognition of services rendered to our country as a U.S. Navy Veteran and for demonstrating leadership in both national and international business arenas; for dedication to her community as a college professor and mentor; for being a sustainable food activist and humanitarian.

On Earth Day 2015 the second book in the series Sustainable Food for the Globe, Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance became an overnight 5 star bestseller.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Burnson was invited to participate in The United Nations Environment Assembly, in short UNEA.

The UNEA is the house where representatives from all peoples and sectors of our societies such as parliamentarians, local authorities, indigenous peoples, civil society, business and the private sector, the scientific and academic community – and all peoples in general— can have a say in the design of the solutions for our planet’s health.

In 2014, she was active in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Assembly, and in 2013 participated in the United Nations the World We Want Assembly.

She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Russia, The United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.   During her military service in the US Navy, Mrs. Burnson was a diplomatic translator for U.S and Spanish Officers and visiting officials. One of her fondest memories from that time period was accepting a challenge from several of her military buddies – she broke the record by swimming 160 laps at the local olympic size pool in the Rota, Spain.

After an honorable discharge from military duty, she came to live in the city of Chicago, were she graduated with high honors from both the University of Illinois in Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mrs. Burnson and her husband Kevin, both avid gardeners, they enjoy traveling, classical music and most importantly super spoiling their two furbabies; Bubbles and Flirt.

She is a guest lecturer to Gardening Societies in the Chicagoland area.

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Norma Burnson, Author, Publisher,

Food Production Advocate, Humanitarian

Sustainable Food for the Globe Book Series

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