Richard Nelson

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Richard Nelson

High Density Food Growth

Richard Nelson is an inventor, author, and developer of the Sola Roof. He is currently embarked on a life-long mission to create “living structures” that serve as “Eco Habitats” reconnecting people and the built environment with nature. His CEE system provides for all the essentials of life, integrating the regenerative cycles for food/energy/water into those built environments. Richard’s has several patents which he has dedicated to a Creative Commons Public License so as to provide a platform for global collaboration & cooperation. In that way he hopes to be a contributor to the change that will eventually build a world of abundance for all. His goal at this time is the launch of the Agri POD solution for family food security, health and prosperity. The Agri POD is a co-creative work with other POD Pioneers, who are sharing their best-of-kind, “livingry” to empower individuals and families in a collective action.

Currently Richard is involved in several ground breaking projects including two large project developments in Norway and Iceland.






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