Rolland Gregg

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Rolland Gregg

Advanced Energy Technologies

Rolland is a passionate environmentalist and technology innovator. His main focus has been in the areas of researching and developing paradigm shifting energy technologies and applications. He is co-founded Native Clean Energy whose mission since 2008 has been to study, research & develop new sustainable & clean energy technologies. Since then he’s built a team of associates in the new energy field that represent the leading edge of new clean technologies. Rolland believes that scaling up the quantum powered solid state Reid Crystal Cell performance characteristics is paramount to helping create a sustainable world. With years of experience in corporate marketing and product development Rolland is excited to lead the effort where clean quantum power is not just a theory but a reality. His efforts are currently focused on designing LED lighting products (flashlights, home & office, outdoor & indoor) powered by the Reid Crystal Cell self-recharging battery cells. His oversight and activities include organizing key investor relationships, product development, marketing & distribution plans as well as technology licensing opportunities.

Native Clean Energy is a non-profit based in Seattle, WA that he co-founded to help bring exposure to the most novel sustainable technologies in the area of Clean Energy, Local Food Production, Water Tech, Health & Sustainable Shelter Technology. Helping the human race continue on a sustainable path that provides for our basic needs is something to which he is very committed. Rolland believes that through intelligent use of currently available technologies we can achieve this goal.





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