Dr. Sandra Jewett

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Dr. Sandra Jewett

Director Platform Development


Dr. Sandra Jewett is an accomplished and successful senior executive and educator. She has dedicated her entire career to improve and provide educational equity and equal access to K-20 students both in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Jewett possesses both teaching and administrative credentials; she holds multiple post-graduate degrees in education, organizational leadership and theology, the latter two from the University of San Francisco. Her doctoral expertise is on mentoring and coaching school leaders and she is also certified on coaching C-level executives. Sandra served as classroom teacher, dean, principal, director, assistant superintendent, chief academic officer, vice president for educational services and adjunct faculty in the College of Education.

In her role as Executive Vice President, Educational Services, for an international for-profit company, she has been able to expand her vision and commitment across the globe, whereby bringing education via blended learning platforms in an array of partnerships and collaborations with foreign governments, universities, and enterprises.

She has extensive background and knowledge on increasing student achievement through her support of faculty and administrators. Because of her commitment to systemic change, her doctoral dissertation focused on mentoring and coaching to support whole school improvement efforts. In fact, Sandra’s track record is evidenced by the substantial gain in student achievement that each of her schools attained, including being recognized as National Blue Ribbon and California Distinguished Schools, and Title I Achievement Awards.

Sandra has developed materials and has facilitated workshops across the country on various topics such as effective leadership, the empowerment of women, children’s academic and spiritual formation, servant leadership, goal setting, discernment, and language acquisition. Additionally, she has published interdisciplinary instructional materials, hands-on materials to support principals in their responsibilities as managerial site leaders, as well as how to support parent advocacy, multicultural competence. Most recently, she published a chapter in a book on Collaboration and Peak Performance, which focused on building upon effective strategies that support decision-making, collegiality and learning.

Sandra is very committed to community service. Currently, she is a City of San Jose Commissioner supporting Libraries and Early Education and is also an active member of the Downtown San Jose Rotary Club, where she serves as Chair for the International Service Committee, and leads the effort on providing education and health outreach to developing countries. In addition, she speaks Spanish and Portuguese and has served on a number of non-profit Boards that support those communities. Likewise, Sandra is a peer reviewer for the American Educational Research Association and sits in the educational committees for STEM and the 100 Women Foundation. Hence, Sandra’s focus has revolved around the exciting opportunity of making a transformative difference in the lives of children and adults.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, the Arts, reading, genealogy and photography.


Chief Academic Officer – Cabrillo Unified District
July 2015 – Present (7 months) – San Francisco Bay Area

Responsible for maintaining and improving the PK-12 instructional program, including early, special, gifted, regular and migrant education, in the areas of curriculum, instruction, professional development, and evaluation.

Executive Vice President, Educational Services – Synchronous Education
April 2013 – July 2015 (2 years 4 months)

Senior Vice President, Educational Services focused on providing world-class education to students around the globe by accessing great content from U.S. and foreign university and corporate partners. My responsibilities include leadership and strategic support that bring about collaboration, curriculum alignment, blended learning content, course delivery and drive long-term engagement. Hence, we work closely with our partners to ensure that we proactively understand how to best create a seamless transition between site and cloud platforms, while ensuring that students can access relevant and world-class content.

Educational program offerings include face-to-face Executive Certificate and Graduate Programs geared towards senior management, international law, health services, ESL (English as a Second Language), education, and entrepreneurship. While utilizing any electronic device, engaging, effective and blended lessons are delivered to any electronic device, regardless of platform or LMS. Likewise, customized programs are designed to support employees with certificate programs in exponential technologies to better affect their business, industry and workforce.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversight for building strong relationships with key university contacts to drive strategic engagement and exceptional communication
  • Support key contacts with appropriate knowledge and curriculum alignment needs, policies and platforms
  • Provide support in the dialogue, access and partnership formation between institutions and/or corporate partnerships

Chief Learning Officer – EnabledWare
July 2012 – July 2015 (3 years 1 month)

Chief Learning Officer focused on learning services that direct the planning and execution of education, training and development programs to empower stakeholders and ensure that state-of-the-art technoogy is customized to meet the educational learning needs around the globe.

Responsible for client-facing education and training to support product offerings, while also developing training curriculum and materials that deliver innovative, engaging and high impact training programs while driving results.

Responsible for developing and maintaining e-learning courses which are accessed via any number of Learning Management Systems (LMS). Design e-learning offerings, define the methodology for developing and maintaining the content, and managing the creation of e-learning curricula.

Vice President – Edison Learning
July 2009 – 2012 (3 years)

Support Edison Learning’s primary focus of student achievement in schools through service delivery of all EdisonLearning products by collaborating and partnering with district and charter school boards, driving consistently superior achievement gains and profitability within assigned sites. Manage client relationships as well as the operational/financial/budgetary/legal management of the schools in California.

Developed, implemented and monitored operating budgets and provided regular and accurate financial reports to the various Board.

Executive Director – Oakland Diocese, Schools Consortia
April 2008 – July 2009 (1 year 4 months)

The purpose of the consortium was to close the achievement gap for underrepresented students and secure funding for after school programs.

Worked closely with a collaborative between public, charter and private schools within the Oakland and Richmond inner city schools to drive and implement program planning, fund raising, and business operations —including securing a $2.1M ASES (federal) grant. a facilities launch. Provided strategic support in human resources, programmatic, public relations and marketing, technological and operational/facilities across all segments of the organization.

Responsible for developing and maintaining positive working relationships with Board members, donors, community members, and other stakeholders. Supported the development of effective Governance and organizational policies and procedures.

Responsible for developing, executing and monitoring strategic fund development, public relations and marketing plans designed to generate support from a variety of sources such as foundations, individuals, and corporations.

Doctoral student – University of San Francisco
2008 – 2009 (1 year)

Full-time doctoral student completing dissertation

School Principal – Diocese of San Jose
July 1998 – August 2007 (9 years 2 months)

K-8 School Principal

Direct responsibility for the design and implementation of programs. Hiring, training and supervising staff and volunteers, and successfully managing relationships across the nonprofit, public and corporate sectors.

Collaborated with the school board to research, cultivate and attract new and effective Board members in support of the organization’s mission.

Assistant Superintendent Curriculum, Instruction & Technology – Alum Rock School District
July 1996 – August 1998 (2 years 2 months)

Assistant Superintendent for K-8 Public School District, overseeing federal and state programs, teacher mentorship, bilingual education, and instructional technology.

Director – San Jose Unified School District
1994 – 1998 (4 years)

Directed a 9-school district consortium in Santa Clara County focused on bridging the gap of underrepresented students attending college. Formed collaboratives with San Jose State University’s School of Engineering and secured funding from NSF and local foundations to support middle and high school math programs for both students and professional development for teachers and administrators.

Honors & Awards

SVLCultura Ambassador – Silcon Valley Latino
August 2014

Facebook article

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Commissioner, Library and Early Education – City of San Jose
June 2014 – Present (1 year 8 months)Politics

Acting as the voice of the public, the Commission studies, reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the City Council and the San Jose Public Library administration regarding existing or proposed library facilities, early education and library programs, operations, services, financing, and leading edge developments. The Commission advocates high quality and impactful library and early education services and, as a forum for public discussion of library and early education needs, the Commission facilitates communication between the public, the City Council, and the San Jose Public Library staff.

Chair of the International Service Committee – Rotary International
December 2010 – Present (5 years 2 months)Social Services

The International Service Committee actively supports world-wide projects that support education, clean water, and health services.

In addition, I serve as a member of: Ethics Committee, whereby I support the mentorship of MBA students.

Peer Reviewer – American Educational Research Association
January 2009 – Present (7 years 1 month)Education

Serve as a peer reviewer for AERA, a national research society, which strives to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the public good.

Committee Member – 100 Women Charitable Foundation
February 2011 – Present (5 years)Education

Support the 100 Women Charitable Foundation as a grant reviewer for their Education Committee. The 100 Women Foundation is a highly effective foundation committed to inspiring, educating, and increasing the number of women involved in philanthropy in an effort to strengthen our community. It provides funds and assistance to organizations involved in helping solve social issues that are important to women.

Committee Member – Silicon Valley Capital Club
January 2009 – Present (7 years 1 month)

Private social club

Executive Mentor/Coach – HeartMath LLC
January 2012 – Present (4 years 1 month) Education

Through best practices and brain research, I mentor non profit executives to improve overall job satisfaction, performance, relationships and emotional balance.

Student Mentor – Lincoln High School Foundation
September 2014 – Present (1 year 5 months)Education

Supporting high school students through tutoring, mentoring and helping them access engaging instructional strategies that will best support their learning needs.

Advisory Board Member – Spark Charter School
January 2012 – Present (4 years 1 month)Education

In an advisory capacity, support the creation of a K-8 public school that utilizes hands-on projects, social-emotional learning, and family participation to create a rich and academically rigorous educational program, encourage creativity, cultivate strong critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

The school’s educational vision is rooted in constructivist learning theory, informed by neuroscience research, and exemplified by the respect and compassion for each child’s unique strengths. Instruction at Spark is based on a dynamic inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. By integrating social emotional growth, physical movement, and the creative arts into a rigorous academic program, Spark raises the intellectual and social capital of each child and the diverse community it aims to serve.

Past Board member – YWCA of Silicon Valley
December 2012 – Present (3 years 2 months) Human Rights

The mission of the YWCA of Silicon Valley has remained steadfast: to empower women, children, and their families, and to eliminate racism, hatred, and prejudice. As a Board, we continue to support a broad range of services that transform the lives of a diverse community.

Past President – Teatro Vision
December 2011 – Present (4 years 2 months) Civil Rights and Social Action

Teatro Visión is a Chicano/Latino theater company that celebrates culture, nurtures community and inspires vision. Its mission is to move people to feel, think and act to create a better world.

Based in San José, California, it has produced over 54 plays attended by more than 107,000 people, with performances presented in both English and Spanish languages that are classics, new works and world premieres by leading Latino playwrights

Likewise, acting classes are provided for our youth.

Fellow – Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley – Latino Board Leadership Alliance
May 2012 – Present (3 years 9 months)Economic Empowerment

A comprehensive program designed to recruit and train Latinos to serve as potential board members, and match them with boards of non-profit organizations whose missions best match their personal interests. The focus on Latino professionals, combined with the purposeful implementation of comprehensive follow-up, differentiates the LBLA from other community leadership development initiatives. HFSV’s Partners include CompassPoint, the Center for Excellence in Nonprofits, and the Health Trust

Opportunities Dr. Sandra is looking for:

Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting) – Causes Dr. Sandra cares about:
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Social Services

Organizations Dr. Sandra supports:

  • YWCA
  • Rotary International
  • Achievekids
  • Teatro Vision
  • Happy Hollow Park and Zoo
  • University of San Francisco
  • San Jose State University


Administrative Credential

School Administration Credential
1987 – 2019

District Assistance & Intervention Team

Department of Education/State of California
January 2009 – Present

Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential

Elementary Teaching Credential
1987 – February 2019

Single-Subject Teaching Credential

Middle and High School Teaching Credential
1987 – 2019

Bilingual Certificate Credential

K-12 Bilingual classrooms
1987 – 2019


Entrepreneurial and Intelligent Education
Starting December 2012

Clouli signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of Saavedra and the Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO) in Chile, to develop a blended-learning program to deliver high quality entrepreneurial education to more than 500 young people who will focus their energy to the economic development of Saavedra one of the least developed regions of Chile.

Entrepreneurial and Intelligent Education
Starting December 2012

Clouli signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of Saavedra and the Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO) in Chile, to develop a blended-learning program to deliver high quality entrepreneurial education to more than 500 young people who will focus their energy to the economic development of Saavedra one of the least developed regions of Chile.

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