Energime University Announces Partnership with Michael Timmons

August 23 rd 2021 William Sosinsky

Energime University is announcing that Michael Timmons and Atlantic Pacific Jade
have entered into a co-development partnership to develop state-of-the-art
aquaculture facilities throughout the US and abroad as part of the Energime
global food security and sustainable economic development mission.

APJ which operates a large production facility in Doral Beach Florida will assist
Energime in all planning and implementation as well as direct and design all
Energime projects and oversee long term operations of the facilities as part of the
In addition, Dr. Timmons, author of the University/College standard instructional
text “Recirculating Aquaculture”, has agreed to do his online training through the
Energime University website platform and direct development of Energime onsite
aquaculture training certification programs. Energime will be offering the 15
module course starting in February 2022 and the content will be identical to the
curriculum and materials Dr. Timmons developed as a Senior Professor at the
Cornell School of Agriculture.

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