Meet Our Professors

Michael Baunsgaard

Michael Baunsgaard serves as software director for Nordic Micro Tech specializing in battery storage for electric vehicles, electronic controls, meters and monitoring systems.

Jay Dubinsky

Jay Dubinsky is the CEO of Green BioProducts and an inventor and expert in the material science of green building systems: A specialist in the hybridization of industrial   processes, inventor of industrial hybrid processes for recycling systems, as well as waste management, composite plastics/biopolymer manufacture, and new synthesis of materials using a new brand new material structural matrix and manufacturing systems to bind nonphilic biomass with philic recycled melted plastics. Jay is also the Founder and developer of the composite systems, housing designs and new uses of composites, and developer of other new waste recycling technologies.

Les Hamasaki

Professor Hamasaki is the President and CEO of the Green Technology Institute and formally served with the City of Los Angeles Urban Planning and Community Development Departments as an urban planner. He was instrumental in the development of two 20-year master plans for the City of Los Angeles. Recently Les has been a major contributor and designer to the Audubon Center at Debs Park which operates completely off grid and has been certified as the nation’s most environmentally friendly building.

Lars Hansen

Lars Hansen is the  Development Director for Nordic Micro Tech and has specialized in  developing urea refining plants and control systems and controllers for urine and solid manure processing. His efforts are creating a huge opportunity for farmers who were previously burdened with massive costs and environmental issues managing their waste. His designs and innovations allow waste to become a major contributor to farm income as it is repurposed for all sorts of valuable end products.

Jeremy Green

Professor Green is the Director and main business procurer for Energime Energy Efficiency. In his capacity he oversees projects and project development as diverse as office buildings and hotels in New York City, to dairies in Colorado and juice processing plants in Arizona. He is responsible for developing the first national Energy Performance Contracting program where clients can upgrade their facilities incurring no capital costs and no long term debt through a shared savings arrangement.

Virgil Perryman

Professor Perryman is a universally acknowledged world leader in the development of advanced solar thermal harvesting technologies and the inventor of Red Sun*, a breakthrough infrared concentrator capable of capturing solar energy with greater efficiency then any system currently in operation. This transformational application is set to advance the science of solar power into the 21st century.

Richard Sapinenza

Dr. Sapienza was the Group Leader and Division Manager at Brookhaven National Laboratory Department of Applied  Sciences having worked there from 1976-1990. In that  capacity, he directed, administered, promoted and coordinated activities of the Fuels and Catalysis Division. As part of his responsibilities, he supervised a multi-discipline  research team on projects related to alternative fuels, energy conversion and energy conservation for industry, government and academia; interfaced with laboratory administration, other departments and divisions, providing scientific and engineering expertise for new program directives and was consultant to MIT chemical Engineering Practice School programs.

William  Sosinsky

Professor Sosinsky is the visionary Founder and CEO of Energime Sustainable Technologies, Founder and Co-owner of Energime Power, Energime Energy Efficiency, Chairman of the Board for The Energime Foundation, and CEO and Chairman of the Energime Companies.

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Jes Thomsen

Jes Thomsen, as Managing Director of Intra Development, filed 20 patents on power generation in the past decade and now serves in the same capacity for Nordic Micro Tech.

Aad Wijngaart

Professor Wijngaart is a visionary of advanced farming concepts and designs that increase the productivity and health of produce and  farm animals. A proponent of Integrated Sustainable Design, his concepts for future food production are at the cutting edge of current agricultural development.

Dr Andrejs Zagars

Dr Andrejs is a patent holding material science specialist who has developed  new rubber plastic, wood-rubber-plastic, and new polymer materials and techniques for recycling; He has extensive experience in both the chemistry and the machinery of the plastics industry,including: plastic extruders, injection molding, thermoforming, and compounding systems.

Reinhold Ziegler

Professor Ziegler is the Founder of the Synergy International Consortium and one of the foremost visionary pioneers in this field having designed and directed projects such as the San Francisco Public Utility Building and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.