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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Entrepreneur Training Program  


  Program Outline  


   Module 1:     What is My Vision as an Entrepreneur? 

Objectives: You will

• Understand the mindset of an entrepreneur

• Define the success factors for being an entrepreneur—and assess them personally

• Explore two crucial success factors: passion and conviction

• Begin to create a powerful vision statemen

• Ask  “What is my WHY?”


Module 2: What am I Offering and Will it Work?

Objectives: You will

• Learn how to screen for great ideas and apply them to your business

• Know how to follow and adapt to key market  trends

• Discover the best way to define your product/service

• Review necessary financial components

• Fine tune your business idea


Module 3: Is it Sustainable?

Objectives: You will

• Understand the key issues of business sustainability

• See  why the traditional business model is broken and out dated

• Review strategies for how to integrate  TBL into your business model

• Outline a globally conscious business

• Embrace your business’ social and environmental responsibilities as it maximizes profits